Our Locations


802 Depot St.

Enterprise, Oregon 97828

541-426-3116 Ext 5

Office Hours 7 AM – 4 PM

Island City

62311 Hunter Rd

La Grande, OR 97850


Office Hours 8 AM – 4 PM

Agronomy Services offered

  • Fertilizer
    • Blending of both Liquid and Dry Nutrients
    • Custom Application
    • Soil Testing
  • Chemical
    • Field Advice
    • Retail Sales
    • Custom Application
  • Seed (Enterprise only with delivery to La Grande upon request)
    • Bulk and Retail Sales
    • Custom milling/cleaning
  • Feed (Enterprise only with delivery to La Grande upon request)
    • Custom milling
    • Bulk grain sales

Both Enterprise and Island City have a qualified staff of agronomists and crop advisors who work closely with our applicators to provide you with the edge you need to get the most out of your crop. Whether that be combating a weed problem or planning a nutrient program let them help you get on the right track.

Contact us today to schedule a crop consultation!

Wallowa County Grain Growers Custom Feed mill provides a local sustainable grain source to cater to your individual operation. Our mill operates Monday and Wednesday have your order in the day before so we can prepare your mix.